Larry Waid

Larry’s art focus is on 3 dimensional work creating both realistic human and animal works. There is so much and so many wonderful subjects to choose from in everyday life. Each day I see someone or something that catches my attention and stimulates my imagination and begins to for a work in my mind.

As much as possible I try and create works that either tell a story, create a mood or cause a pleasant emotional reaction in the viewer. The joy of sculpting is the direct connection between sculpture and the clay. All one’s creative tools, heart mind eyes and hands are in harmony and touching the work providing the most necessary ingredient of all, falling completely in love with the sculpture piece being created.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to:

 – Purchase a piece of my work

 – Engage me for a private commission

 – Attend one of my sculpting classes

 – I’m also happy to discuss my sculpting or the local arts scene with members of the media.